Great Tools and Systems for People with ADHD or Dyslexia

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Great Tools and Systems for People with ADHD or Dyslexia

To add to your arsenal, if you haven’t already

Developing and maintaining a consistent learning habit is difficult for everyone, even more so for those with learning disorders such as ADHD and Dyslexia.

But it’s easier with a good toolkit.

Here are a few compelling tools and techniques that I and many others use to keep learning after formal education.


People with Dyslexia have difficulty reading, spelling, and interpreting what they read. The disorder is extremely common, affecting almost 10% of the population globally.

Dyslexia does not imply a person has low intelligence, and despite its perception as a handicap, people with dyslexia also have certain advantages, these people often have very good visual abilities and spatial reasoning — strengths which can be a huge advantage in certain fields.

Some tools that may help you learn if you are dyslexic:


Why read when you can listen instead! Audible is the world’s largest audiobook service — whilst Blinkist provides short summaries of books that may also be consumed as audio.


Grammarly is a real-time spelling and grammar checker that goes far beyond your standard spell-checker. Writers globally find Grammarly immensely useful, and with it installed in your browser — who needs good spelling, anyways?

Font Changer

Font Changer is a Chrome extension that allows you to change the font of any website to your preferred dyslexia-friendly Google Web Front easily, so as to aid your ability to read effectively.

Bionic Reading

Bionic reading is a method that facilitates the reading process by guiding your eyes through text by using artificial fixation points. According to their website, Bionic reading helps those with Dyslexia particularly, as thanks to the method those with Dyslexia immediately understood the content of various texts the first time they read them — something which was not possible without Bionic Reading.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a broad spectrum disorder (or array of disorders) affecting over 200 million adults globally. ADHD primarily causes several symptoms, some of which are shown below;*XYd6vx8kkxqpRp4F.png
ADHD symptoms, from a previous article I wrote

Some tools that may help you learn better with ADHD:

Goal Setting & Management

For people with or without ADHD it becomes even more useful to define what you want, and better monitor whether you are on the right track to achieving it. Brian Tracy, the author of ‘Goals’ has also brought out an app called Goals Wizard which provides a methodology and system to set and manage your goals through his 14-step process. ClickUp is another highly reviewed goal-setting app.

Note-Taking Apps & ToDo Lists

Organizing jumbles of thoughts and ideas, and besting the tendency to procrastinate is made easier with a great note-taking app, of which there are many. Through these apps, you can better manage your life.

I use Notion — which I find seriously great because of its ability to combine structured and unstructured data through its ‘databases’ feature. Obsidian & Roam Research are another two that are very popular — and allow for a networked or ‘graph-like’ structure for your notes, and are often used as a ‘2nd brain’.

Pomodoro Timers

The Pomodoro technique is a time management system. Using this method, you break your workday and learning into 25-minute chunks separated by short breaks. These intervals are then referred to as ‘Pomodoros’.

For Apple users, Be Focused is a great Pomodoro app that works across your devices, and Toggl is an alternative that works for Windows & Android users too.

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by Peter Turner
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